Nice to Meet You

Welcome! Hi. It's fantastic to meet you. 
     I'm Kate Lindsay and I am pumped to be sharing what is good in this world with you. I am a Life Coach and I specialize in the Law of Attraction. My goal is to create a safe space for clients and friends to share, learn and grow. I aspire to lead a life that will inspire you to reach your fullest potential. And I hope for us to have some fun along the way. 

     My life story thus far has been all over the map. Literally. I grew up in the country in Southern Ontario. When I was 15 years old my family lived in England for a year. After high school I went to University in a small city that has a country feel.  I lived in Toronto for 10 years then back to the small town, via brief time in Iowa, USA. Today I find myself happy to have experienced the city and though missing some of its global variety (mostly the awesome selection of authentic foods) I am most happy in the country life I have now. Awe, the view of the lake each morning never gets old. 

    There has been travel and excitement and nights on the couch. There have been pets, friends and strangers. There has been love and there has for sure been heart ache a disappointment. There has even been a medical diagnosis of depression. I have been down to my last $50 and I have enjoyed the feeling of abundance. I have been encouraged by family and friends, and I have helped many to see the good in their lives that they were perhaps to close to to be able to recognize. Many have been wonderful experiences and many I am happy to leave in history. None, from either column, I want to do again. Not for any reason other than I am excited to be standing right where I am now, looking forward. It's been a wonderful journey and now that I understand the Universe as I do, and now that I have learned to feel my connection to the greater part of myself that is Source/God, I am pumped about the journey that lays ahead. There is still a lot of story ahead of me that is waiting to be written. 

     Part of what I have learned is that though the world around us may at times seem so incredibly negative, it's not.  Yes there is negative, sad, hateful, distractions on every news channel and by every check out counter, but that's not ALL that's out there. That may be what is front and center but I encourage you to be smarter than that. To look deeper than that. To love yourself and the world of possibility enough to search out what is good.  It's there.  I promise.  And it's waiting for you to find it like a giggling child who is hiding behind the sofa waiting for her seeker. There really are so many ways in which we can root through all of the grey and find the good. Allow me to help and to lead you in finding, expanding and creating what is good in your life.
Bragging Rights (Cause its OK to be Proud of Things We Have Done)
Quantum Success Coaching Academy 
Network Marketing Professional
2 years of Assembly in an Auto Plant (Who'd have thought? But I did it!)
Have done some great traveling and seen some wonderful things (though I love being at home too) 
Years of experience multi-tasking in busy restaurants has lead me to a real understanding of focus and why its so important (and also to why it's not widely understood or practiced)

Skills,  Besides Law of Attraction Coaching
     Sugar Free Living, Time Management, Spiritual Guide, Mediation, Yoga Student, Lover of Life, 
Budding Photographer, Maker of the best Banofi Pie ever!