Monday, 6 May 2013

How to Prolong the Fun

I had the very very very best idea for a birthday gift for my sister. OOOOHHH it was a delicious idea. She was going to be thrilled. The excitement we would all feel when she opened the gift bag and saw evidence of how much I love her and how well I know her was thrilling for me and I hadn't even been shopping yet! WOW! It was SO MUCH FUN to imagine. I played that moment over and over in my head like a favourite old movie. Each time was just as exciting as the last.  I was having A LOT OF FUN.

Where would I find this perfect present? There are three places I might find it. I decided I'd go to all three and be sure that I got the absolute best one.  I'd go on my treasure hunt next week.  In the mean time I Googled and admired and was so proud of my most brilliant idea. Planning the shopping trip was SUPER FUN!

Oh what a day! The sun was shinning, the radio was playing and I was singing right along. I went to all 3 shops and then back to the second one. Not only did they have the perfect colour they had the most beautiful gift wrap ON SALE!  Now this was WAY FUN!!

It's so perfect! And it's so pretty! I tied the ribbon just so and I added a little flower. Gift wrapping is always SO MUCH FUN!

I could hardly wait to give it to her. The anticipation was  SUPER FUN!!!

I told my mom what I had done. She was excited too and that was even MORE FUN!

Finally. Party time. I brought the pretty package to dinner. I watched as my sister eyed the wrapping, taking special note of her excitement. She had no idea how great it was inside. 

She opened the gift slowly. I was so happy that she loved the wrapping and was savoring her moment, but in the same breath I wished she was a ripper. The anticipation was palpable. This FEELS SO GOOD! Her reaction is awesome! Just what I was hoping for.  And then it was over. 

Just like that. I had spent so much time thinking and planning and shopping and it was all 
so much fun. Then the moment arrived, and in 3 quick minuets it was all over. I was thrilled that she loved it. My moment had manifested just as I had wanted. But now it was gone and as I was coming down from my high she opened a gift from her best friend.  It was identical to what I had given her. I came down a wee bit further. I dipped there for just a moment before I remembered
my fun.

I had had so much fun along the way. The manifestation of it all didn't work out exactly as I had planned, but I had had SO MUCH FUN getting there.

There are 3 AWESOME  GIFTS that I got for My Sister's Birthday 
  1. The fun along the way had lifted my vibration for days and that will have played a role in all other parts of my life. 
  1. My sister knows how much I love her and how well I know her. 
  1. My sister has me AND friends who also know her and love her.

So really, though it didn't pan out as I had imagined, it had worked out better than any script I could have written.

Did you pick up my message here?

Have some fun! Your life is about the journey and it's meant to be FUN. So enjoy the ride and be open the the manifestation, however it happens. We can plan and pre pave and script and practice and as powerful as that is, the exact outcome may not be as we had pictured it. The Universe is all knowing and has a plan for our highest good that we may not be able to see from where we stand. Focus on the joy of the journey and not the destination and allow yourself to be surprised and delighted along the way. IT'S WAY MORE FUN.

What have you done that maybe didn't turn out as you had imagined, but was SUPER FUN to do? Was the way it turned out even better than you'd thought it would be?