Monday, 29 April 2013

Today Was NOT a Good Day But....,

I don't know anyone who holds a lot of loving place in their lives for "bad things".  And by "bad things" I mean the events of your day that cause you to feel stress and tension, frustration, irritation or any low level emotion. Why would anyone love that stuff in their day?

I believe in, and will keep reinforcing the idea of your creative control in your life and the power that your focus holds in that creative process.  Simply put, what you focus upon will be expanded upon. So think about what you want. Focus there. Experience what that feels like in your mind and in your life as it is now, and then watch it show itself in your future.  

We all like the idea of being creatively responsible when the good times rolling. Happy days and high 5's!   But what happens when you have a bad day? Does that same theory mean that you created the crap stuff too???  Sure does, and ya sure did. I know that one stings a little but that IS the way the Law of Attraction works. So now what?

Why on earth would you do such a thing to yourself? Well friend, chances are that you weren't doing it on purpose. You weren't paying attention. And now, your day is sliding down hill and weighing in at a 3/10. Is there any way that that could be a good thing???  Sure there is.

Pause for a min right here. 3/10. Not so good. What is happening? Is there something here to remind you of something. Maybe to slow down. To plan or manage your time better. To dig deep and show some love. Or maybe are you just to remember how great you felt yesterday when you measured your day at a 9/10. Are you right now standing in your 3 and thinking about how much more you like a 9?


Could that be it? Did you give your 9 full appreciation? Did you show gratitude to the Universe for your 9 or did you cruise right on through paying no mind to the man behind the curtain? Is your 3 here to help you become aware of your preference for a 9?

It's the Ying & Yang. You are not able to be fully aware of, and grateful for the light when you do not have an experience of the dark. Sometimes our true desires become most clear to us when we are standing right smack dab in the middle of what we clearly do not want.

So now, being as wise as you are, look around at your 3. What is it showing you that you do not want? Take note and now flip the script.  Decide what all of this means that you DO want. Give thanks to the Universe for making it so abundantly clear to you, and start moving towards what you now know you DO want. Go find your 9.

Sometimes, without experiencing a 3 once and a while we don't remain consciously aware of how awesome our 9's are. The 3's do serve a purpose once and a while. But there really is no reason you need to hang out there if that's not where you choose to be.

What do you focus upon when you need to make a shift in your energy and find our 9?