Monday, 17 June 2013

Easy to Follow, Simple to Remember. 10 Mapped Out Steps to Manifesting

Yes my friends, there is great power harnessed between your ears. But, The Law of Attraction is about more than sitting in a comfy chair thinking happy thoughts and waiting for what you want to magically appear.  You have to do your part and that means taking some action. 

There is a simple, yet important, map to manifestation that you can take with you on your journey. It'll help you not only find your way to where you are going, but ensure you have some great fun along the way. And if we are honest with ourselves, who doesn't enjoy the idea of comboing fast and fun??? 

Easy to Follow, Simple to Remember 

10 Mapped Out Steps to Manifesting  

  1.  Find your imagination and create a dream for yourself.  - Your Imagination muscle is an important one to flex. Step out side of the box and expand your comfort zone. Some of the greatest experiences will be found on the edge.  
  2. Love yourself - That will set the bar for the way you are treated by others, and show the Universe that you are in it to win it. 
  3. Pay attention to and understand what you are feeling. - What goes on in your gut is telling you if this path or idea is good for you, or if maybe there is a better one. 
  4. Understand how what you are feeling is leading you towards your future. - There are many paths. None of them are wrong they are just different. Some will feel better than others. If you are in to feeling good rather than struggling through may I gently suggest you take one of those nice feeling paths wherever it presents itself to you. 
  5. Believe that you not only deserve it but can have whatever it is that you really want. - Your beliefs about yourself and your place in the world will define exactly how things turn out for you. 
  6. Be open to the many many ways that The Universe can present opportunity to you. - The Universe sees all the intricate moving parts and has many more ideas than we do. Let it show you bigger ideas than you have had so far.
  7. When one of those bigger ideas or opportunities is presented, check in with yourself (see #3 and #4) and take ACTION.  - You need not force anything or make it happen but you do need to get out of your chair and play your part. 
  8.  Notice that when your actions are in line with your energies, those actions suddenly don't feel like work any more.   
  9. Say Thank You - Everybody loves to give to those who appreciate it. The Universe is no different. 
  10. Share the Love - Cheesey as it sounds, when you start to love yourself and see the world through the eyes of love, you will want to show it and share it with those who cross your path. It will be through a patience, a kindness and an understanding that you will effect others and change the world.
Good News! - Unlike other maps, with this one you can get a little creative (creativity is always encouraged). Meaning, you should include each step but  the order is somewhat flexible. No need to memorize it. You can just feel your way through this one and get still get there. 

As always, I totally want to know what you think. How do you get it done?  Do you have a map of your own or will you be adopting this one? Do you have ideas to contribute? Use the comment section below of find me on FacebookTwitter or Google+ to share.