Monday, 15 July 2013

You Don't Have to Be Ready, But You Do Have to Start

Much advice has been offered to me about beginning a new career and about being ready for that beginning. "Start before you are ready".  That always seems to be the advice that is given.  Well, I am not ready. Not on all levels anyway. So I guess now is the time.  Does that actually make any sense????

There is a lot to consider when taking on any new project or biz venture.  Social media (not as simple as one who has not used it for more than fun might think), web design, logos, photography, and then there is the actual web content. And we haven't even talked about the actual client time yet. WOW! How do you attract new clients without those things but how do you do all of those things without a strong steady investment of clients, cash and time.

It has seemed for a long time like starting a coaching practice that was more than just a part time hobby to accompany my full time job was a bit of a pipe dream. OR a lot of one.  But then it occurred to take a slightly different perspective on the "start before you are ready" advice.

I was watching, well not really watching but I was in the room while a documentary about the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) was on the TV.  I am not a girl who really cares much about wrestling but I happened to have one ear open while the GIANT man in tights offered a surly piece of wisdom.  He said you had to be in it to win it.  He of course was talking about acquiring some kind of giant golden belt in a Wrestlemania cage match, but his advice is solid - "You Have To Be In It To Win It."

What he was saying is that he would never win the match and wear the belt if he didn't get into the ring.  The belt was his symbol of success. He had to start wresting and risk a few bruises in order to make it to his success point.  He couldn't wait until he had all of the practice and the workouts behind him, those are all a part of getting there.  My success isn't symbolized by any giant accessory, but like my friend in tights, I too need to be in the action in order to make any gains. Things don't need to be set up before I can start. Some things do, but not everything. With so much to be considered and the rate at which the internet is changing how we connect, "Ready" to me feels like a white bunny that I could always be chasing. There is room for me to grow and move towards my success points along the way, WHILE I am "doing it".

I have now officially put myself into the game. Its the only way for me to move towards what I want, which is to use the life experiences and the learning that I have to help as many others as I can to and discover and create more of what is their good stuff.  It's not an easy road and having a coach there for the journey would have been helpful while I was doing it. Helping another along their road is and will be a great way for me to give back to the Universe in gratitude for all of the wonderful blessings I have found. I am in the game and I am here to make a difference.

What about you? Are you in it to win it or are you sitting on the side lines watching others go for it? How does it feel for you to be in the game as opposed to on the bench? What kinds of things have you done to help yourself move past the fear of putting yourself out there and getting in it? I'd love to hear about what you have tried and what works for you.

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