Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Are You Reading The Signs?

It occurred to me this week, as I was driving, that many of the surprises of the road had been removed for me. I guess that's a good thing. It does allow me more time to look around at the scenery which I love, and to be ready for the real surprises. 

My GPS tells me where I am headed and what roads to be on to get me to where I am going. The road signs tell me exactly what to do or to expect along the way. It is meant to be for safety sake and I get that. It works there. But what if your life's road was that well laid out for you???

Well, actually it kind of is. You just have to learn to read your own unique (and sometimes invisible) road signs, instead of relying on what has been posted for you by someone else. 

On the road there are signs that tell you when to stop, slow down, turn left, bend to the right, or to not enter. In a similar
fashion, you have your own inner guidance system working to keep you safely moving forward in your life. You were given this gift when you were given your emotional side. Emotions really are there to guide you. To keep you safe. To give you that knot in your stomach that tells you to stop, to slow down, to change direction completely or to bend to the left and then come back right. They also give you that loving rush when the road ahead is clear and you can comfortably let your momentum build and pick up speed. 

Road signs are universal to all of us drivers and are meant to give us each the same safety and directional guidance as we travel.

The signs on YOUR road are your signs and are unique to you. They may not even be visible to another but that's because its YOUR life,YOUR Road. What feels good to me may not feel good to you. And that's OK. That's how you know that what I am doing may be great for me but what you should be choosing to do for you may be very different. You have to read and follow your signs.

When we are children we follow our signs with ease. We don't think about what others are doing or what another thinks we should be doing. We simply do what feels good.  As we grow up we learn to think about others and are introduced to the rules of adulthood. That's when many of us learn to ignore our internal road signs and instead to look to others for direction. It often isn't until we are feeling lost or confused in our lives that we go back to re-learn our own personal systems. 

When you are feeling good while making decisions you can be assured that your "road crew" is telling you that you are on an open road and safely headed towards a goal or destination as you have set it in your GPS. Sometimes you will slow down and look at the options that are being laid out in front of you. If you follow your gut you will safely turn left, bend right, follow the detour and stay on course. 

When you are out driving and you run into a bend in the road or a detour or a dead end street do you stop and just sit there?? Do you give up and call that place your new and final destination?? No, you follow the signs. You back up, turn around and find a new way. The same thing is important to remember in the rest of your life too. 

Like learning the rules of the road, learning to read your emotions may take a little practise. It took you some time and some practise to learn to drive and you gave yourself that because the end result was worth it. Give yourself some time to practise this way of living too. The end result is worth it. I promise.

Your turn.  As always I would love for you to share your thoughts and or experiences. Sharing helps each of us to connect, to grow and to inspire one and other.  What kind of signs do you get from yourself that help you to choose a new direction?? How did you go about learning to trust those unwritten signs?? Please feel invited to comment here or over on Facebook, and then to share this (or any) post. What resonates with you will be what is most likely to also be enjoyed by the people in your circles.  

Safe driving my friend.