Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sometimes You Just Gotta Try The Dress On

I had a wedding to go to this past weekend.  I LOVE weddings.  Food, flowers, dancing and happy people so full of optimism.  I am a sucker for any occasion that includes any of those elements, but weddings have the complete list. And, being unwed myself, they allow me to get a little dreamy and pick out the little touches that I like best. Super fun!

Less fun for me is often the wardrobe headache. And an October wedding in Canada presented me with a special kind of seasonal challenge. I was determined not to let dress shopping get me down. This was an opportunity for me to spend a few (much needed) quality hours at the mall.  That part, in and of itself, was exciting.  It's been a long time since I did any kind of shopping let alone fun "dress up" shopping.

My body type makes dresses a real challenge. I have been blessed with a pear shape physique. If a dress was made to fit 2 different sizes at the same time (small on top and medium->large on the bottom) it'd be easy.  Alas, I have yet to find the designer who has nailed the needs of the pear shaped woman (if you know one, I beg of you - leave a comment below)

I had spent only a few min as I walked through the mall doors, setting my intention asking the Universe to support me in making this as fun as possible and to lead me to a dress I would love.  I went into a store that I don't usually spend much time in (maybe I could find a blouse there but they never have anything that fits hips) The store was almost glowing, and like a fish in the lake I am always attracted by the shinny objects. Sarah, the sales girl who met me at the door and who felt like my own personal attendant for the next hour, was a gift from angels. She asked me a quick couple of questions and then I watched as she bounced around the shop, returned with an arm load and ushered me towards the fitting rooms. 

Long story short - I tried on A LOT of dresses.  All the ones I was sure would be great left me feeling way underwhelmed.  And so I resigned myself to trying on the one that Sarah had slipped in to the collection.  Style-wise and size-wise I was questioning her skills at that point. "This will never work on me." But over the recent years I have learned that I don't have as much to loose as I had once felt I did, and that the possibility of what could be gained almost always tips the scales. 

This current version of Kate will take a bite (unless its still moving - I draw the line and have made peace with my never being a Fear Factor contender). She will touch it (but with a nervous finger is it looks slimy)  And today, she will leave her ego on the shelf and will try on the dress. What is the worst thing that could happen.....

  • I will look silly and I will know that I am right about what I can and cannot pull off. 
  • It'll be over in a minuet or less. 
  • If it is really horrible I don't have to open the door. 

"I like this style on other women" I do believe were my exact words as I took the dress from its hanger. Huh - not horrible. I opened the door.  Sarah disappeared and returned with a smaller size and a different colour. I was gobsmacked. She TOTALLY knows her stuff. Sarah, laughing and smiling as she was, was the tool the Universe used to make my day fun and to lead me to a dress that I loved. Thank goodness I have learned how to listen when the answer is given to me, and to trust that some times shinny objects are attractive for a real reason.

Dave & I Shine Up All Right 
Things change. Maybe my body changed (except I know that that's not true). Obviously it is my confidence and my perception that have changed. It took some deliberate practise on my part to get this perfectionist girl to let go and just try the dress on or to risk taking a bite, but it was worth the uncomfortable effort. Some of my favourite foods have been ones that were basically forced on me (my daring younger sister calls herself my food boss). This scenario is how my best friend became my best friend, how Thai and Indian became my favourite meals out. Its how I know for sure that I don't like the taste of Scotch or running as an exercise. It's how I learned to rock a pair of skinny jeans, how I fell in love with spin and yoga classes, and it's how I found that the Law of Attraction really worked to pull me from my depression.  

Being open enough to try something new and different can really pay off. Other times, it's a "now you know for sure" experience. Feeling uncomfortable means that you are at the edge of your current box. Stepping outside that box and trying it anyway is how we expand our limits, move the line in the sand and grow our comfort zones. And the theory applies to every current, self imposed, limit, including dress styles.  

What personal limits have you expanded by trying something new? What do you know now for sure because your tried? Have you made any discoveries or found any new favourites that surprised you? How did it feel while you were stepping out of your box? How did you feel after?  I can't wait to hear what you have to share.  Use the comment section below to tell your story or join us over on Facebook and comment in the thread there. If you liked the story or think others you know may enjoy and/or learn too, I would be thrilled to have you share it.