Monday, 28 October 2013

Meditation For Those Of Us Who Can't Sit Still

Finding a calm space in a busy world is super important. Mediation can be helpful for sure. I get it. I myself and a big fan of a good mediation. I really am.A quiet moment of release is really cathartic. But sitting still is not always in the cards for me.  When I get really worked up and worried about something I have a super hard time with the sitting still and the releasing of it. No matter how many times I tell myself that its just for now and that if I choose, I can come back to those thoughts later, sometimes I just can't get there. 

Law of Attraction states that where attention goes, energy flows. Well, obviously I don't want to feed my worrisome thoughts. I am hoping to lay them to rest calmly or to starve them out. When I feel that kind of overwhelm, either or would work just fine for me. Whatever will get me out of this state of overwhelm and back to the centered and connected place that I have come to adore. 

So here is what I have discovered.  

When my head feels really full and my LOA training tells me that changing my thought track is super important right now, and that mediation is what I need, I have already put too much pressure on myself.  

When my head feels really full and my LOA training tells me that I need to distract myself and change focus, I react like I do when I try to diet. The moment I am told that I can't have something (a dessert or a certain thought) what I CAN'T do is stop thinking about it. Not helpful. 

When my head feels really full my body feels the same tense energy, which makes sitting still next to impossible. There was a time when this seemed like the perfect time to clean the house. I should make use of all of this energy and release it on the kitchen floors.  Yeah, good in theory, but that one doesn't work for me personally.

So, when I know that I can't sit still... I don't even try. 
When I know that I can't clear my head... I fill it instead.
When my busy head is busy getting creative in ways to beat up on me... I stir the pot and let the creative juices flow. 

I go for a walk
I give myself a task that requires thought. (It's impossible for the brain to have more than 1 thought at a time)
I give creative me a creative task. (I allow myself to start small but focus is now on the beauty I CAN see with my eyes.)

Here is what that looks like.

I see beauty to my left. 
(name and describe what I see to my left) 
I see beauty in front of me.
(name and describe something that I see in front of me)
I see beauty to my right.
(name and describe what I see to my right)  
I see beauty behind me.
(name and describe what I see that is behind me)  
I see beauty above of me.
(name and describe something that I see above me)
I see beauty below me. 
(name and describe something that I see below me)
I see beauty in me.
(name and describe something that I see in me)

Then, sometimes I just walk for a bit. Paying attention to the air. The sun. My breathe. My posture. And then I repeat it all again until I find the shift I am looking for. 

When traditional meditation just isn't working for me, instead of feeling the failure of not being able to follow through with a seemingly simple task like sitting still, I go for a walk and I take my creative head with me. I find this helps me to find my way back to a place where I am emotionally equipped to deal with whatever it is that I need to deal with. And from THAT better feeling place my perceptions change, my energetic self is open and flowing, and my creative brain becomes solution focused. It all works within the context of LOA and it does so in a way that doesn't challenge me but instead sets me up to experience success. (Success is of course an experience that I want to have more of, and so it works in creating a whole new feeling to focus on, to build on, and to take with me as I take on whatever it is that has filled my head.)

What do you do when you want switch it up??  Do you have a go-to vibration shifter??

I'd love for you to try the walking mediation that I described. Go for a walk and take your creative head with you. Then come back here, or check in on Google+ or Facebook, and let me know what you experienced.

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