Monday, 4 November 2013

Affirmations and Mantras and Quotes Oh My

There is much to be said, and IS being said, about the power of positive thought. There is for certain a lot being shared on all social media in the way of affirmations and mantras and so often quotes. I am on board with it all. I have lots of special reminders posted for myself and I have shared many all over the internet.  

Yet, there are so many people who still don't get it. There seems to be a huge disconnect about what affirmations and mantras are actually meant to do for you. 'Cause yeah, they do have a job - but then so do you. 

There is a population out there who calls someone like myself a little "woo woo". (I feel that I can really truly say that because there have been people who have shared that opinion with me as their own.) And that's fine. It doesn't hold a whole lot of meaning for me. To each their own. If my way of living does not feel comfortable for you that's fine. Your way of living does not feel comfortable for me, and since neither one of us is hurting the other.... I say we agree to disagree and move on.  But before I do I just want to point out one thing.  Yes I DO use affirmations and mantas and at the same time I believe that action IS a required step.

Affirmations and Mantras and Quotes of Inspiration are fun and insightful and they play an often thought provoking role. But they are not magical incantations that once spoken are like spreading sprinkles of fairy dust over my life.  I don't sit in a lawn chair, think good thoughts and repeat beautiful words all day and expect the Universe to drop anything into my lap.  Those woo woo words are only (an important) part of my process. 

What affirmations and mantras do do is help you to shift and to raise your vibration.  They help to inspire and to bring that peaceful place of your soul to the surface.  They are like lilly pads in the pond - a place for you to rest a moment, to catch your breathe and to refocus before moving on. For me they also act like verbal grounding cords. When I find myself caught up in a storm of unhelpful, downward pulling thoughts ( 'cause it happens to all of us) an affirmation helps me to break out of the spiral, catch my breathe and refocus myself. It also brings me back to a space of grounded understanding and love from which to build on as I keep moving. Simply put - it makes me feel good. And when you feel good - you know what happens next.... 

When you feel good you start to notice other good things around you. You are tuned in and turned on to the world. You make better choices. You have more creative ideas. You solve more problems. You laugh and you smile and all of those things make you feel even better. And your feeling even better then goes on to bring to you more of the same kind of good feeling stuff which feels even better still. 

An Affirmation, a mantra, or an inspirational quote are all jumping off points and can most effectively be used sort of like reset buttons to get you back on track. They are not meant to be your solution but they are meant to set you on a path to your best and most positive creating. 

Some of my very most favorite rest buttons are

- I am pure grace and love energy.

- I am figuring it out.

- It is unfolding for me in a way that in mine.

- Its just a thought. (I can change this)

- I may not be there yet, but I am in the process - and I am closer now than I was just moments ago.

Do you have use affirmations, mantras or quotes in your life?? How do you use them and what kind of experiences have you had with them?? Do you have a favorite to share with the rest of us??