Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How It Was An Attitude Change That Got Me Home Safely

It’s been a wintery winter season for sure this year.  Though I try to see every day as being full of what it’s meant to be full of no matter what the season, winter has never been my favourite.  My body doesn’t feel its best in the cold. This week has been extra cold and I am happy to report that I am feeling better than in winters past.  I can’t help but wonder how much of that change can be attributed to my head space.  I think all of it, being that is really the only thing that is perhaps different this time around.  It makes me pretty excited to realise that I can have that much control and that when I make a decision to be so…. I can!

There is a real comfort in feeling as empowered as that.  Just last night I was still out when the blizzard hit.  It was a slow and tense drive home as there were many moments where I was not able to see past the front of my car.  My first reaction was almost to curse the wind that was making it so difficult for me to see. But it wasn’t just the wind that made the drive such a challenge, there was whole lot of snow in the air doing that.  I was able to quickly switch my thoughts and became honestly and truthfully really grateful for the wind when I realised that if it had been a more still evening the falling snow would have been allowed to gather on the road, quickly covering the lines that kept me safely in my lane and guided me home.  

Almost as soon as I had decided that that thought path felt better to me I noticed my physical body change too. My shoulders dropped from where that had been pulled up to my ears.  My heart beat slowed some. My grip on the steering wheel eased and I turned on the radio. (For me, a little music always eases the atmosphere.)

Needless to say, I made it home safely where I settled in to watch the storm in comfort.  It was an interesting, though unintended, experiment in the power of positive thought.  I have written many times over about the power we each hold in our personal perception of anything. Exploring my perception of a situation has become a go to tool for me over these past few years. And now I confidently know that it can be applied everywhere, even to a crazy weather night in the middle of nowhere, to help me find a head and heart space that will work for me.

Your turn.  Has there been a situation in which you have found yourself exploring your personal perception?? Did you find that a shift in your attitude made a difference in your experience?? I’d love for you to use the comment section to share your thoughts and stories.