Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year Resolutions Are SO Last Year

Making New Years Resolutions has been a January tradition for so many of us.  I WILL eat well. I WILL go to the gym. I WILL NOT smoke.  When I was a gym regular we used to see a huge crowd of new year members every January.  And not that any of us regulars wished anyone to fail but we did look forward to March when things would return to normal. That's because resolutions are usually ridiculous, all or nothing, promises that very few people can live up to.  I am not a fan of anything that sets us up to fail before we even get out of the gate.  Goals, in this girl's opinion, are a way to achieving and getting to the success you desire. 

Goals allow you to stay focused on a target while allowing for the inevitable ups and downs of getting there. You may eat a plate of nachos, miss a spin class or even have a cigarette - yet that doesn't mean you have failed. There will be much written about and spoken of goal setting in these next few days as we all think about starting the new year right. Goals should be SMART (Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant/Realistic. Timed.)  One should also remember to KISS (Keep. It. Simple. Smarty.) their goals.  In fact I shared my thoughts about goal setting a few weeks ago and that is not what I want to speak of here. Click here to go back and check that out

Goals are great. Important even. But there is something about goal setting conversations that always gets lost and that actually frustrates me some times, and that is that all too often we get so caught up in making plans and in setting and achieving goals, that we over look what is now.  NOW is just as important as what has past or what lays ahead.

I encourage you to think about what you want to feel in 2014. What kinds of experiences will give you the opportunity to feel those feelings?? Start there and then absolutely make plans, and work & play towards that goal, but while you are doing all that.....look around at your now and enjoy what you have. Remember that at one point in your past, where you are now was a goal. How would the You that set that goal feel if she knew that when you got there you wouldn't even notice let alone take time to soak it all in in all of its glory.

So as you move forward into this shinny new year full of fresh starts and firsts, mix it up a little and practice being present with what is now instead of always planning what is next.  

Happy New Year!!  

See you in 2014 my Friend

I'd love to hear what kind of goals you have been setting for yourself.  The comment section below was made exactly for that.  Share your thoughts and your plans then share something from your now that you are enjoying.  For me..... I am excited to be headed out for New Years with couples friends.  I remember when this experience was a goal  for myself and HERE it is.