Monday, 18 March 2013

2 Quick Steps to Finding Your Best Future

We are story tellers by nature. All of us. Even the quiet ones. Some of us use our outer voices and some of us our inner voices, but we are all telling our own stories. We are sharers of opinions, thoughts, and experiences.  We are asked "How are you?" or "How was your day?" And we answer.  But do you ever stop to think about your story and what it may or may not be doing for your future?

What is your "Once upon a time......?"

For years I told my story just like I saw it.  I was honest. I enjoyed parts of my job, but I often talked about my not being able to find fulfilment in my life because my job took me away from the time and the people that I needed to be able to do that(Excuses). I talked about how low the pay was when I figured it out based on the number of hours I was working to get it all done. I talked about how hard it was to meet a guy because I knew I didn't want to date in my industry. I said it all very matter of factly.
 "I calls' em like I sees 'em" And I did it all repeatedly and with a smile.  Even then I would have said that overall I was mostly happy. And yet I wasn't. And I was surprised. But is it any wonder I was unfulfilled, over worked, single and broke? Silly me.

"What I think and feel and what I get are 
always a match. And so, if I want something different 
than what I've been getting, I have to, somehow, 
generate different feelings"      ~Abraham

"They" say, presentation is everything. Have you ever really given your story much thought as to its presentation? And to the power that presentation holds? Are you simply telling it like it is?  Is being a "calls it like I sees it" type serving you or is it perhaps doing more harm than good?

Well, that depends on a few things.  There are things in my life that I love. Just as they are.  That's where I am happy to tell the story more as it is and with very few embellishments. But, on subjects where I would like to have a new and slightly different story, I tell a slightly different version of the truth.  Its not fantasy exactly, and yet it is.  And its OK because what-is really has no bearing on what- is-coming unless we are continually recycling and regurgitating the same story of what-is.

To get to a new place that has a different what-is we need to begin thinking, and even speaking, more of how we really want life to be. And we can start that as soon as right now.

"Trade poverty for prosperity.  Do it in your mind first and then see if happen in your life"     ~Ryan Blair

What story do you tell when someone asks you how you are? Can you see the evidence of that exact tale in your day. They are likely one and the same. For years I, like most, would say that my day was shaping up in a certain way and so that was my story.  NOW I realize that it's not the day that comes before the story but in fact the story that sets the tone for the day.

                “Your life does not get better by chance,
                   it gets better by change”    ~Jim Rohn

Step 1. Change your story. Start telling your story As If. As if you love your job, your body, your clothes, your car, your relationships, your success. Look for the feelings you want to have in the future about these things. Find a way to experience those same feelings in some small way now. Nurture that story that is told with those feelings and let it build.  Look for things, people and experiences that you'd like to have and write your diary as if your future self was having those exact experiences .Go ahead and leave out the how, when, where, and who details and just enjoy the dream.

Step 2. Enjoy your new story of you.

Now when someone asks "Hey, How are you doing?" Give them a trailer, a sneak peek, a highlight reel of the you that's about to live your journal.

Its your story and you are the director so make it a good one. Keep in mind that you're also a very important audience member and if your story doesn't feel real or possible than perhaps you should edit and try again.

Much Love

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