Monday, 11 March 2013

So, What is this "Life Coaching" thing I keep hearing about?

A new concept for some, a trusted friend or saviour for others. "What the heck is going on and why do people  feel that they need someone to teach them how to live their lives?"  Though coaching is something I have unofficially been doing for a long time, I haven't titled myself as a Coach for long. And since I have, I have met with many confused faces.

Let me lay it out for you

Coaching is a process. That's right. Just like in Basketball or Chess. Its not a quick fix but a journey towards a skillful goal. And yes, there are skills required to live life successfully.  Perhaps you are someone who is making a change and feeling some the fear emotions that can accompany that. Or maybe you are feeling a bit dissatisfied or stuck in a long standing rut. You want to make a change. To switch it up. To feel the illusive "Happy" that others talk about, but how do YOU get there from here? Where do you start? Is that even for real or is that another Hollywood concept? All good questions. Let's dig a little deeper shall we and see what you REALLY think about it all. Let's do it together. 'Cause "Its always better together".

Would it be fair to say that you have developed some habits in your life time? For sure. We all have. Some are good habits and are serving you well. Like maybe you drink a lot of water and you floss regularly. Those are great habits. Some habits you have may be less great. Like eating more chocolate than veggies or staying up late for no real reason. Do you have any idea when, why or how those habits began?  We develop our patterns of thought in a similar way. Over time and with repetition they become our "go to" thoughts. Our habitual thoughts if you will. They have been there for "as long as I can remember", "I don't know when I first thought that thought. It's just what I do". Hmmmm. So, were you born thinking that thought or did it come from somewhere at some time? Let's unpack that piece of luggage and see what the tag says.

This is the kind of thing a good Coach can help you with. Unpacking a bag that you have held on to for years can be done but it's nice, and usually more effective, to do it in a safe space with a supportive guide. Someone who will hold that vision of you and your desires for you when you are struggling to do it for yourself. Someone who will help by keeping you accountable and on track along the way. After all, isn't that how we find success in other parts of our lives? By being accountable. Of course it is. And it works here too.

"So this isn't just a fad ...??"

Yes, the practice has become more popular in the past decade.  But No, this is no fade in/ fade out style thing.

We now find our lives to be busier than the generations before us. And our focus is being split in multiples. The art of multitasking seems to largely outweigh the art of focus. (The Internet is magical, but it can be tough on us too. But we will save that for another week). We are faced with life in a very demanding world where keeping it simple and finding real time for our own personal growth, seem to be the hardest tasks. This brave new world has brought to the surface many old, but seemingly new, desires in us as human beings. That feeling of connection to whatever it is that is greater than we are and that can bring us the peace that only yoga instructors seem to feel sounds pretty great doesn't it.  Well let me tell you, that that is NOT a Hollywood theme. That peaceful connection to something greater is for real. And it is there within you, you have perhaps just unintentionally buried it with all that you have learnt over the past 20-30-40-50-60-70+ years, but it's there.

A good Coach will help you to discover and define what it is that success will feel like to you.  They will show you how to dust off that inner compass and rekindle that connection. You will rediscover how to use the instincts and emotions that were given to you for a reason.

Making real change will always up to you. Its your life. But you don't have to figure it out on your own.  Happy, Fulfilled, Success, Peace can be all real words that you use to describe your life.

 Sometimes we just need a little help from a new friend.

Are you interested in exploring the idea of coaching further for yourself or for a loved one?
Do you have a question or a comment?
Have you used a Life Coach or known someone who has?
How would you describe your experience?

I'd love to hear from you.

Much love

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