Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Favourite "Vibrational Pick Me Ups" (Just For Fun)

There is a time for deep exploration and for learning, but I am always talking about prioritizing play. So this week let's keep our time together light and playful.  Here are a couple of my very favourite 

Vibrational Pick - Me - Ups  

There is a little something here to tickle everyone's funny bone.  Check out each one, or pick and choose what appeals.

Have a laugh. 
Lighten your mood. 
Give yourself a break from what is weighing you down. 
Let's, for a moment, not take the world too seriously and just see what happens. 

Save this post and come back to them whenever you like.

Let Jessica show you how she does her daily affirmations

These two ladies have been friends for 94 years!!  WOW!!

Laughing is good for your soul

Get Spanky! What You Focus On Grows

Just Because He Makes Me Smile

Because babies laughing is infectious (in a good way),

.....because sleepy animals are sweet.....

....and because MAGIC and being in AWE of something Magical is F-U-N

Which one was your favourite??  Is there a go-to something you use when you want to lighten your spirits and lift your vibration??  Use the comments section below to share, or post to my Facebook page and share the fun.