Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What IS vs. What CAN BE - Equals or Rivals?

Two weeks ago I shared my thoughts on the rules of happiness. In that article I spoke of finding your own balance. The balance between what positive story you can be writing for yourself, the language you can be choosing and the empowering thoughts that will lead you to where ever that is (the rules), and what is your reality right now in this very moment. I spoke about balancing the acknowledgement of where you are but also of where you are headed. 

Those who posted in the comment section seemed to be somewhere on that same page but I also heard 

"But Kate, how on earth do I do that??"

Well friend, let me explain myself a wee bit further and see if this helps. But before we jump in I want to remind you to not confuse simple with easy. They are not the same thing.

This is a simple 3 step process but it is not always easy to follow.  It takes some conscious effort and a lot of practice to redirect your energetic Self but you can totally do it (I believe in you!!)

  1. Feel whatever it is that you are feeling now. Embrace it for what it is. Act on it if need be (as long as those actions aren’t going to hurt you or anyone else) Put a time limit on this negative stuff though.  This isn’t the place we want to stop forever.
  2. Move from this specific negative feeling stuff (ie. "I hate ____" ) to a general emotional state that kinda sortta matches How or What are you feeling?? ( fear, anger, worry etc)
  3.  Starting in this large and general (negative) space, slowly move yourself up the scale by adding thoughts that feel just a little lighter. Move from feeling generally negative to feeling generally neutral, and then on to generally positive, and then you can move to a space that is more specifically positive.  

That’s how the Law of Attraction works. In baby steps. We aren’t able to jump from specifically negative to specifically positive thoughts. Whatever we are feeling and wherever that emotion falls on the scale, we only have access to other near-by feelings.  It’s just like climbing a ladder. You can’t stand on the bottom rung and step directly to the top rung without climbing up the steps in the middle. Your energy shifts in exactly the same way. No big deal. Get general and get climbing. 

For two years I worked in a auto manufacturing plant where I moved around and filled in wherever I was needed.  Here are an example of some thoughts that I have used to help me to go general and climb on days that I felt unhappy about where I was placed.

"I really DO NOT want to work this job today"
"I don't ALWAYS have to deal with this kind of situation"
"I have said many times that I like variety in my days. This day sure qualifies as variety"
"Some days I get to do what I think are really good jobs"
"There is a really good chance that tomorrow will be different again. More of that variety I like so much"
"Maybe tomorrow I will get to work at one of my "good" jobs"
"Not everyone here is always in a bad mood"
"Most people have been very helpful as I learn"
"There is no reason to let this day get to me. Especially since it's only 8 hours in total"
"These other people have just had lots more practice in this job than I have.  I can learn in time to work as quickly as they can"
"I have shared a few laughs with some people here in the past"
"Some days I have a lot of fun at this job"

...on so on

I hope this helps explain more about how you can acknowledge what IS while at the same time moving towards what CAN BE. 

This is what I have learned works for me.  I gift it on to you as a suggestion. If it speaks to you, try it. Adopt what parts of it please you.  Change it up a little so that it fits you. Leave behind the parts that don't ring your bell. And if there is something that you have found that does work for you....  I am always interested in your stories. I love it when you share. I enjoy trying new things myself.  So go ahead and use the comment section below or jump on over to Facebook and share there. 

If you enjoyed what you just read, I invite you to use your favourite social media outlet and share.

~with much love & warm smiles

For more information about the Emotional Scale look to Abraham-Hicks "Ask & It Is Given, pg 114)

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